There are many ways in which a funeral service can be personalised and many reasons for wanting to do so. If people have spent their lives supporting a particular football team, or played in a band or group, it can be nice to include a reference to this during the day. The country of someone’s birth or membership of a club or society can also be represented at the funeral.

A horse drawn hearse may help to reflect on a life spent around horses, a motorcycle sidecar hearse might be perfect for an avid bike rider, even things like milk floats and lorries have been used to add a personal touch in the past. Other services are available and the list below will give you access to a more comprehensive guide.


Specialised Vehicles

Horse Drawn Hearse

Vintage Motorised Hearse

Motorcycle Sidecar Hearse

Unique Services


Dependant on the age of a deceased it can be a nice alternative to have balloons instead of flowers. They can be tied to the coffin, used as displays at the service, or released at the graveside.


We can arrange for a release of white doves at a service or graveside. There can be as many or as few birds as you wish and members of the family can release them personally.

Pipers & Bands

To add a very special element to the day we are able to arrange for a Scottish piper to play at the service, a jazz band, a saxophonist or even a soloist. Given enough time most requests can be catered for, even having the service recorded and put onto CD is possible.

Special coffins

To compliment our standard range of coffins we can offer more unusual designs. Given time coffins can be made to resemble almost anything. Canal boats, skateboards and skips have all been built in the past. The coffin could also be painted to match a football club strip, a formula one racing team or to show a hobby or pastime. Cardboard, wicker and bamboo coffins can also be supplied. For more unusual coffins visit


Environmentally Friendly/Green Funerals

The idea of being buried somewhere quiet, and closer to nature, is very attractive and can have some distinct advantages over traditional cemeteries. We are lucky in Leicestershire to have superb natural burial grounds, which provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for families to visit the resting places of their loved ones. We are able to arrange funerals at all natural burial sites. If you would like any further information, or to pre-purchase a space at one of the burial grounds please do not hesitate to contact us.