Flowers may well be the last gift you are able to buy for someone. They add colour and life to a funeral. They can help to decorate the coffin and be placed in a grave as part of a burial service.

Below is just a small selection of our standard range of floral tributes but almost anything is possible. Colours can be chosen that are meaningful and specially ordered designs can cover almost any subject.

In the past we have supplied Club badges and motifs, cartoon characters, aeroplanes, cars, cricket bats, guitars, pints of beer, footballs and even a bowl of fruit & veg’.

Given enough time most things are possible and we would happily discuss someone’s ideas or wishes.



Whenever someone has been laid to rest, either by being buried or having their ashes interred, it is always worth considering a permanent memorial to identify the place where they are, and to provide a focal point for family and friends to visit. We can supply a large range of different memorials but would always first need to check with the authority who controlled a particular burial site to ensure that we adhered to their guidelines.

Most of our standard range of memorials is acceptable to most cemeteries and we can advise you on the choices of colour and materials. Also we can give advice on alternatives such as trees, plaques or benches. More details are available below along with pictures of some of the more unusual memorials that we can provide.

Materials & Lettering

Natural stones, slate and various coloured granites are the most common materials used for memorials in this country. Granites provide the widest choice of colours and are, generally, acceptable to most cemeteries. Some churchyards may only allow slate or natural stone dependant on the area. Lettering on natural stone or slate memorials is normally cut without any painting or gilding to highlight the letters. On granite memorials the letters can be gilded, painted or cut only. Marble memorials can have painted or leaded lettering.

We can arrange for additional inscriptions as well as new memorials and the renovation of existing headstones and vases.

Alternative Memorials

Not always is a headstone or vase the most suitable memorial. We can give help and advice on alternatives such as wooden benches, trees, entries into books of remembrance and plaques. Whether you would like the memorial to be in a cemetery, at a crematorium or in a public place we can help you make the right choice. We can also help you with smaller plaques and even pet memorials, perfect to have at home.